Elizabeth Elizondo
Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.407.0453

Perfect Vacation:
Rocky Mountains, with family.

Favorite Pastime:
Biking, and watching drama series.

Favorite Sport:
American football.

Favorite Animal: Dolphin

On my Spotify:
Country music, Mexican music, and Oldies.

A Website or App:

Too many to list.

Device: Love Apple!



Elizabeth “Liz” Elizondo, Legal Assistant

Elizabeth, originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, is a law graduate of Insituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Chihuahua. She also earned an International Law Degree from the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid.  Liz is admitted to practice law in Mexico. Before joining the Firm, Liz held a legal position at the Denver office of the Mexican Consulate, where she worked in the Department of Legal Affairs, and where she focused on Criminal Law, visiting Mexican inmates that were located within the jurisdiction of the Consulate (Colorado, half of Wyoming and half of Montana). Liz also provided legal support and guidance in regard to cases in Mexico and the United States. Liz is an avid Denver Broncos fan and a total ESPN TV girl. Languages: Fluent in both English and Spanish.